The Christmas season passed like a blur and here we are into 2018! We send our very best wishes to all for a safe and happy new year.

What a crazy year it was for us. Many life altering things occurred including the inheritance of a house in Sault Ste. Mare. We just spent our first holiday season as city folkquite an adjustment for us but mostly for Bo. Between the incredibly frigid temps and limited outdoor space, he is not happy. He does enjoy watching the goings on, out the window, at a very busy intersection. There are many other dogs in the area too- am sure we will meet them all. Mr. Bo turned 13 years old on January 5, 2018.

The weather all year was strange and different- the new norm?? Many guests felt that even though the weather may have been not so great, the time fishing was really great! The fall months were very summer like and then winter and cold seemed to drop on us like a stone. We had to deal with snow on the ground by the first of November. We did run away to Cuba again. Warm, sunny and very relaxing- really works for us.

Our spring and summer seasons were very busy so I will blame my lack of facebook posts on that. My new year resolution is to make good on my promise to shore more photos and keep in touch with you, our treasured friends. Jamie has promised to help. If you have any photos’ you could share with us, please send them! They are much appreciated.

We are blessed to have so many Outpost folk join us each year for their annual fishing/family getaways. A huge thank you to the Tyler/Morrisons; the Cossons; Marty and Alex;Scott and Jodi; Ed and Paula,Tom and Kim and Dan; the Dicioccos; Goob; Sandy and Gary; Kurt and Denise; the Naphans; Pete, Meryl and Brackey; Phil and Angie; David, Christine and Snowy; Wayne, Linda and Stu;Jim, Linda and Kathy- just to name a few!! We love you all very much. Also best wishes for a long and happy life together to our newest fishing couple, Mike and Kayla, who celebrated their honeymoon with us this past June!!

Our show schedule is much lighter this year as we will only attend one, in Lon don at the Western Fairgrounds, February 23 – 25, 2018. The year is filling in well. A lot of guests pencilled their week in before they left! Give us a call or send an email when your holiday schedule is set. Each year holds another adventure waiting to be experienced!

Thank you so much to you all for your continued support and patronage. We are looking forward to seeing you all again and a great 2018!

Much love to you all, Jim, Ann, Jamie, Sean and Bo