Hello All! Spring is finally here with official ice out on Lake Jobamageeshig today, May 5, 2019!

It was such a beautiful, long, cold, legendary winter with lots of snow so the sun today combined with the last ice is very welcome. The water level is super high- the big leaning pine beside the boat launch has its feet in the water. There is still some snow here and there and the frost is still in the ground. Some spring showers will be appreciated for the fish and the flowers!

It is our 33rd season as Keepers of the Lodge and we are ready for it! We heard the loons May 2 for the first time and many other birds have taken up their song, banishing the cold quiet of winter. The day lilies punched through the snow and are now about 4” tall. Mrs. Phoebe is yelling her name but there are few insects for her to eat so far. A pair of Sandhill Cranes have taken up residence just down the road. Thank goodness there isn’t much traffic on 129- they really don’t know the rules of the road. Brush along the highway has been well cut back, which helps a lot but we are often hearing vehicles braking for them.

We are so excited to host our 2nd fishing TV show in June. This one will focus on fly fishing and the Mississagi River. Fish TV focused on walleye and pike so maybe the next time, we will get to highlight our smallmouth! They plan to get a lot of underwater as well as drone footage of our beautiful valley. It should air next year.

It is not too late to book your summer Outpost vacation. We still have openings here and there. Major health issues have forced a couple of our long time, large groups to change their schedules and stay closer to home. This has left openings in some popular weeks! Knowing what these families are going through makes us very thankful to have our world class Thessalon hospital only a half hour away.

While waiting for the snow to melt, Jim and I did a renovation on the Lodge kitchen –a beautiful new floor, shiny new paint and a big new oven! Removing the old one was quite a challenge. As we open up each cottage, they get our personal attention from paint, to new screen doors, to new mattresses, furniture and flooring. There is always something to do, to freshen up our cottages, making them feel like your home away from home.

Jamie will be working for us again this summer as dining room and Lodge manager. His degree is almost complete- quite a feat doing only part time classes. He has been invited to do some work for the Federal forest pest research labs this fall. They are lucky to have such a knowledgeable person on board. Sean is doing well in Guelph with his office position at a large GM dealership, gaining more responsibilities everyday. We have met his girlfriend, Isabella, who is just wonderful.

Bo is so very happy that winter is over. He really had cabin fever, chasing his tail to signal that he was not getting the exercise he needs. He was 14 in January and is in excellent health. In fact, he had his first swim today!!

Well, back to work! We wish you all a safe, happy and fun summer.

Ann and Jim