Well, here it is, Christmas once again in Outpostland. Winter snows arrived in early November along with very cold temperatures. As of today, there is over two feet of snow on the ground. Our first and only green Christmas was back in 2015! We are blessed with the full change of seasons. We are just back from our ‘summer’ vacation, as Jim calls it, to Veradero, Cuba. We had such a wonderful time doing nothing but floating in the ocean and eating food served by someone else!! We spent a day wandering around the old part of Havana. The days were sunny and quite calm, with temperatures between 28 and 34C (85 and 95F). It is such a treat for us! We also had a nice visit with Sean and Isabella and uncle Bill.

This past season was a great one- nice weather, fish and people, new and repeat. We have many weeks filling in for next season. Give us a call to make your plans for 2020! We missed a lot of our Outpost regulars last season!!

This was one of our latest springs with ice-out on May 9. A cold and windy June was the setting for the filming of The New Fly Fisher show featuring the Outpost. Conditions could not have been worse to guide a fly fishing show! Ryan and Jenna were the best and most professional people to put up with such difficult conditions. Underwater GoPro camera shots worked great and the drone took amazing aerial pictures but the storms would not let up. Every day we went out against wind and driving rain. Jennas fly fishing technical skills are top notch. I have never seen such amazing roll casts in tight cramped conditions. Even the Jacuzzi was no match for Jenna and gave up a few nice smallmouth. We continued throughout the week searching from creek to river to lake just to find a few good fish to capture on film. By Friday, we had amazing footage but not enough fish pics. The storms continued but a small break on Friday afternoon gave us time for one last attempt on a small lake. After the first fish was landed, I felt like a college basketball player throwing 3’s at the end of the last quarter. We caught bass and pike and then THE bass!! It was worthy. I had done my job. Check out the sneak peak in the fishing section on our website. Oh ya, Phil and Bo are featured prominently.

It was a year for lots of behind the scenes projects. Thanks to Jamie for his major assistance in all of them. We are planning on a few new photo books so would love to see your best photo(s) of your vacation here with us. Please e-mail us at outpostlodge@hotmail.com

As the year comes to an end, we look back at a successful season full of wonderful guests having enjoyed all of the activities of our friendly, beautiful area. We are looking forward to 2020 and really hope that you will join us once again!!

We wish you all a very Merry!!

Much love to you all, Jim, Ann, Jamie, Sean and Bo