Here it is, another year on our doorstep already. Wow, time really does fly. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were waiting for the power pole guys to attach our 6 new poles to restore our power? It seems like yesterday that we were getting ready to serve our first dinners in the dining room in two seasons!! So nice to have folks in again, sharing the stories of their days!

It has been a very mild winter so far so we look out on about 3’ of snow. Most of it we received over the Christmas holidays. We are tucked in to cottage #6 with our newest family member, Duke, the jack russel/havanese mix. Jamie found him at the humane society in the Soo and in three days, he was ours. He is a sweet little guy, always up for a snuggle but also loves the snow. We lost Bo Sept 17, 2022 and will miss him forever but I think he would approve of Duke taking over the reins of protecting the Outpost.

Jamie will be back with us this summer. It will be good to have his support as we relearn how to train a puppy. He is a university grad now having finished his degree in Geography/English at Algoma University in the Soo. Sean is the office manager of a plumbing company in Guelph- he and Isabella are doing well.

2022 was a good year for the Outpost thanks to the happy return of many repeat guests. Covid made folks from Ontario realize what incredible resources we have in our own backyards so we have made so many wonderful new repeat guests. Spring fishing/ guiding was quite successful for Jim. He enjoyed many memorable evenings with some great peeps.

Portuguese roast chicken was a new and great hit on our menu. Thanks Di and Rui. Jim also brought back rustic chicken cordon bleu and some people came back twice just for it! Thanks Jeff. We also had quite a few larger celebrations in the dining room- family reunions (big thanks to the Elliotts, the Caryers, the Franklins, the Kellums and the Manninas), the Mundells 50th anniversary and birthday parties including a BIG one for Jacqueline and Lisa!! A very special thanks to Doug and Dianne Bell. Let us know how we can help to make your celebrations more fun!

A new group of artists in late September were just in time for perfect fall colours which arrived much later than usual. The weather cooperated for their outdoor painting sessions and the Lodge was a great studio for their indoor work.

Five families, and all their big boy toys, came together and took over the Outpost for Thanksgiving- fun, fun! Ann and Jamie took a road trip to southern Ontario to see Iron Maiden and Brian Adams!

With all of the drama and challenges of the last three seasons, we want to concentrate on the future and all of the good times it will hold. Thanks so very much for visiting the Outpost and hope to see you this season!

Love to all, Jim, Ann, Jamie, Sean, Isabella and DUKE