History of the Outpost Lodge

We Visit the Outpost 1942

by Edward Dreier George Phillips, former forestry chief and now with the Royal Air Force, introduced me to The Outpost…

We came into the Outpostland from the air the first time. Circling high above it, George and I saw the great lakes that surround it. From this vantage point we looked north…up the beautiful valley of the Mississaugua River, with the ribbons of water turning and twisting down between those forested hills of rock.

No Fish Widows

The Outpost is a family camp…and place for men, women and children…for youth and grand-parents. The “fish widow” is unknown at The Outpost, for there are so many things to do…so many places to see.

Beautiful Settings

There are guest cottages, set far apart for privacy…all in beautiful settings and with the full view of the lake.

The Keeper

…and every comfort that one could ask for in a setting so beautiful that one envies the Keeper of the Lodge his good fortune in being able to spend all his time at The Outpost.