Preparing For Your Trip!

What To Bring

The Outpost Lodge
Please bring with you the following items:
  • Bath and beach towels
  • Personal soaps and shampoo
  • Kitchen paper products
  • Zip loc bags & plastic wrap

Bringing Your Own Boat?

The Outpost Lodge The Outpost Lodge
Before you leave home, make sure you have all safety equipment including a life jacket for all persons.

Double check your tires, not forgetting the spare and trailer – better to deal with any problems at home than on the road!! Please clean your boat inside and out with bleach or other recommended chemicals – we must do everything we can to prevent the transport of invasive species.

Most of our lakes are relatively small being serviced by gravel roads and launches. If your boat is larger than 18′ and has a deep hull, you may not be able to launch on some lakes. For those with larger boats, you will spend your fishing time on our home lake and Tunnel Lake.

Our home lake, Jobamageeshig, has a good stone launch with a gradual slope into deeper water. There is lots of room for turning and parking for vehicles and trailers down at the beach area.

Tunnel Lake is accessed via a cement slab launch, able to accommodate much larger craft. The launch is a 5 minute drive south of the Lodge. Tunnel Lake is part of the Mississagi River hydro system so water levels do fluctuate. There are no docks here. We provide maps and orientation for all lakes (and maybe a few fishing holes!) You may consider using one of our boats for your first visit or for shorter stays. Our boats are simple fishing boats, 16′ Lund and 15.5′ Princecraft with 4-stroke Mercury motors. Gas is supplied with your rental.


The Outpost Lodge
For children, bring along any identification you may have with a birth certificate being the minimum.

If the kids are not yours or live at a different address, get a letter of permission from a parent or guardian.


The Outpost Lodge
Joining us for dinner in the main Lodge dining room will reduce your need to pack and bring along extra supplies. We are hoping to bring back dine-in service but will be delivering evening meals regardless.

Coming through the Soo, you will pass three good grocery stores, please pick up most of your needs here. Coming from southern Ontario, you will pass good places to pick up extra supplies and groceries in Sudbury, Blind River andThessalon.

Once on highway 129, we are 10 kms north of the Tunnel Lake Trading Post, a great place to stop for ice cream, beer/alcohol and gifts.

Fishing Licenses

The Outpost Lodge
For the fisher people, you must purchase an Ontario fishing license, best to do this well before you head North. Check out the Ontario Fishing Regulations for details. Check out the Natural Resources website for all the regulations.

The Tunnel Lake Trading post issues licenses but it would be easier to get them before you leave home.


The Outpost Lodge
Please note that pepper spray is prohibited as are radar detectors. It is common knowledge that Canadian rules about firearms are quite strict.

Check out the website RCMP Firearms website for more info.

Pellet guns, BB guns, bow/arrows and crossbows cannot be used on Lodge property.


The Outpost Lodge
Firewood is supplied for all cottages.

We do ask that campfires be kept small, under adult supervision at all times and burned only in the evening.